Wednesday, February 15, 2012

yeah, I've only waited 25 yrs for this.

I’ve never had a valentines date. Never a boy I had to get dressed up for and look cute for.  Never a reason to buy sexy lingerie or stress over a gift to get a boy.

It is not that I hate V-Day or even love it. I’m completely indifferent.  Indifferent because I’ve never had the high hopes that V-day brings about.
Never a high school crush or college boy I thought would be a potential date. 

When the boy told me that he made reservations at a restaurant all I could think was “awesome, I have plans this years!”
And when A asked if I was doing anything with the boy, her immediate response was “you can wear that cute red dress you have and blow him away.”
And the only thing I could think is “oh, crap I don’t want to wear a red dress and be all girly. I’m going to look at it as any other date…. Look cute but not overly cute.

Now that I figured out I was just going to wear a normal outfit I stressed out about what to get him.
Everyone I talked to said, “Get him a card or a box of candy.” A card to me seemed to lovely dove-y.  I’ve been “dating” this boy less then two months what kind of card would state, “hey I like you” with out being too much.  And what if he doesn’t get me anything.
So much stress.
My friend, B1, told me “get him lingerie” it is a gift for both of you.
In my head I told myself: I’ll just go to CVS and see what I can find.

And the next thing I know it is Monday night and my roommate is stressing out about how she needs a dress to wear and I give her my two “sexy” dresses I have (including the red one). 
And then I wake up the next morning and freak out.

Omg- I can’t wear jeans and a cute top. Uggghhhhh.
So what do I do I get on the X2 and head to Chinatown and to H&M.  A store where I can always find something cute and sexy.
H&M disappointment me. I try on every dress that is actually my size and doesn’t scream high school homecoming. 
I give up.
And then I see a black dress that look more like something you would wear to work and not on a date.
I was desperate.
I try it on and it is hot.
Tight, black, sexy. Hot
A little out of my prize range, but who cares.

I find a pair of tights to go with it and realize that H&M actually has lingerie… -it is actually right next to there children clothes. They should rethink that- and I spend 12.95 on a two-piece set.  I’m not proud that I bought lingerie from H&M but I was on a time restraint…. And it was either that or nothing.
i didn't look this sexy

And I figured if I start out buying simple lingerie I will always have room to improve.

My impromptu V-Day shopping spree cost a little more then I will admit and I headed home.
Home where I had to shower, pluck, moisturize, and damage my hair.
It felt like a blur. 
Since he lives by Glover Park and I live by Hst and our reservations were on 14th street I took the metro to Woodley Park where he picked me up.  A metro ride that took about 15 mins longer then it should have.

He presented me with a pan of brownie and a card.
Crap, he got me a card. I chickened out and didn’t get one.
And it was cute and perfect.
Think: box of chocolate on the outside and inside it said, “you’re so sweet.”
Love it!

He made reservation at Rice on 14th street, I’m not the hugest fan of Thai food but I’m trying new things this month and was excited about it.
Everything about the food was delicious. 
They brought us our check and the waiter also gave me a rose.
So cute.
Of course it left me to wonder why didn’t the guys also get flowers or what they do when it is a gay couple eating.
But I overlooked that b/c I got a pretty rose.
He drove me home with a quick pit stop at Safeway to get some ice cream.

At my place we had some of the delicious brownies he made toped with ice cream. 

The night ended and it seemed that he did indeed like my H&M lingerie….


Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I bought my girl a jacket, I told her buying her lingerie on Valentine's Day is to self serving for me but if she buys it for her for me...

  2. i bought lingerie for the sole reason that it was a gift for both of us... and it was easy and required less thought.

  3. Sounds like a nice date! I've never had a guy not appreciate lingirie. If they notice it at all that is ... He sounds like a sweet guy.

  4. Cute! The lingerie is cute too! Men don't care how much it costs. Too bad we can't claim all the money we spend on getting ready for dates on our taxes lol.

  5. Love that he made brownies. :) That's a winner!

  6. Hi A&K,

    Check out my blog I have awarded you the Liebster award!

    :) Gertie