Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Rule

One cold November night me and A were getting Mexican and I blurted out an idea “I think I’m going to start an anonymous blog.” And before I could finish my sentence A dropped her free chips and salsa and stated “I want an anonymous blog, lets do it together.

And at the moment the idea of Kissing and Other Disasters was born.   It took about a week or so to come up with a name and we debated about how bold we should be.
What would be okay to tell the world about?
First dates? Okay
One night stands? okay
Period sex? Okay

Our only rule was that our blog was going to be anonymous and we could talk about anything we wanted. And yeah, we held back a little bit… I still didn’t blog about the one night stand a had with a random boy I met on a Tuesday, but I would blog about the horrible first date I had.

It was great. It was freedom.

Then my sister found my blog.
And then I wanted to meet my fellow dating bloggers.
And then I started to agree to go on dates with boys who knew about my blog.
And then I had a mental freak out.
crap, my blog is less anonymous now. 

I don’t want to date guys who know about this blog.
You know why?
Bc I can’t honestly blog about someone who knows about this blog. 
I have to PG it up.
If I’m really into a guy I have to pretend that I’m not that into him and if I don’t like a guy how do I write about it without hurting their feelings?
And there are way too many good stories/post wasted because of this.
You guys will never hear my Condom Boy story that my work friends love so much or how I blame the Jewish G-d for getting me drunk one Sunday night which resulted in a make-out session and a sleepover where I couldn’t move until 5pm the next day.

I don’t want to date someone who has read through this blog, I would rather tell them about my “kissing and other disasters” on a personal level once we are comfortable with each other. 

I have a new rule:
No more dating guys who read this blog.  *sorry guys* 
It is anonymous for a reason and there are plenty of guys in this city I can date without having to flirt with them over email or twitter before agreeing to go on a date with them.  
 not to mention Guys of DC: do you really want to read about ever flaw (or perk) of the date we went on? 



  1. i COMPLETELY agree. couldn't possibly agree more! when a guy you're seeing reads your dating blog then you can't be honest and full disclosure anymore, which defeats the whole point.

  2. I also agree. Dating is hard enough without introducing that online voyeur component to it. I would die if someone I dated was able to read my blog. It's just too much knowledge, too soon! Then again I also don't even want to be Facebook friends with a guy until we're in an established relationship, so maybe I'm a little extreme :)

  3. Hey. Just started reading your blog. Good stuff.

    Definitely agree with everything you've just said. I would, without a seconds thought, take my blog down if anyone I knew said they found it. It defeats the whole point of what the blog is for me, a place where I can without worry say what ever the hell I want. I take it that's sort of what yours is to you.

  4. I recently started an anonymous blog :) I have too many family/friends following my other blog, and I needed some place to vent about relationships and such. So I know how you feel about wanting to keep all of that talk separate!

  5. I agree completely. That would be completely unnatural. Plus we want the full story!

  6. I agree never let anyone you are dating read your blog...sadly I seem to do it every time.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more. I actually debated letting some of the guys I know and love/hook up with read my blog. Then I came back to reality and realized that that would ruin everything. And I also talk a lot of shit about people. It's in the blog and if said people ever find out about it and call me on it, things might get a little ugly.

  8. thanks everyone! it is nice to know i'm not the only person who finds it weird to date someone who knows all these intimate details of my dating life.
    .... it is one thing to let them read after you've been dating for months, but before a first date i think it might just be weird.